Friday , 19 January 2018
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Buffer Splatter Prevent this

Buffer Splatter Prevent this Messy Time Waster…by Kevin Ferrell LIVING WITH THE PROBLEM Unfortunately, splatter is so common that some detailers expect it to occur at some point during the buffing process. Detailers live with the problem and cope with splatter in many ways. Some detailers, anticipating the splatter, will take precautions, such as wearing an apron so their shirts …

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Detail a Mercedes ML55 using Adam’s Essentials Kit

This 2001 Mercedes Benz ML55 receiving an Adam’s Essential Kit treatment.  This was a few years back, it’s my wife’s daily driver a MB ML55 in black/black we purchased this CPOd with 6000 miles on it. This was way before DD was even in the works.

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Porsche 997 Turbo Detail

Here is another Porsche 997 Turbo detail. Condition of the car it was in good shape, but still needed to be polished out. Customer wanted to regain its shine and gloss. I figured this would be a great car to use the Lusso Prototype Wax on. I believe we got the results the customer wanted.

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