Friday , 19 January 2018
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BMW X5 4.8 Winter Prep/Detail

Okay so this one was from 2009. Sorry for the delay. This was a full clean up , engine, exterior, interior. Not much in the paint correction department as we did it a year ago. But never did a write up on it. For this job we washed/clayed/einszett Metallic, and finished with Swissvax Glacier. What was done – Exterior – …

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Alternative Uses for 1Z einszett Products

Alternative Uses for einszett Products  Here are some einszett products and their alternative uses that you can use around the house. If you have any other ones, please feel free to share. Cockpit Premium * Clean computer, cell phones, TVs (except screens with anti-reflective coatings – mainly Plasmas) and other metal, plastic coated surfaces * Wipe down clear coated …

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Spring Cleaning – Get your HVAC ready with 1Z einszett Klima-Cleaner

Clearing the Air By Michael Mankarious Featured Product: Klima-Cleaner Nothing goes hand in hand like spring and detailing your car. If you’ve been dealing with snow than more likely than not you’ve been waiting for the moment when you can unearth your car from layers of road salt and grime. While surface treatment of the paint finish and interior get …

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What is 1Z einszett Extra

Click here to purchase 1Z einszett Extra Scratch Remover

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2005 Audi A8L

What was done – Exterior – Wheels were prepped with Sonax Wheel Cleaner and cleaned up with various brushes – Tires were spritzed down with P21S Total Autowash and washed down – Wheel wells were spritzed down with P21S Total Autowash and washed down – Wash down and rinsed – Door jambs were cleaned up – Clayed – Dried – …

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